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Colony Spot Light

Summer – 2021

Durkin’s Incorporated

Gallery Description Headquartered in Danbury, CT 06810 Durkin's Incorporated—5th Generation Family Owned. Premier Industry Leader of High-Quality Fabric Products. With 5 generations and over 100yrs of production, Durkin's is known for its high-quality fabric products for a wide array of applications throughout Connecticut and New York.  With a diversified product line, Durkin's is able to

Al’s Tree and Shrub Care

Gallery Description Headquartered in Southbury, CT 06488 Al's Tree And Shrub Care—Professional Arborist. Expert Plant Care. State-Of-The-Art Horticultural Services. Specialized in Professional Tree and Shrub care with a focus on customer education. We work with property owners to develop a strategic plan to care for all of their plantings and ornamental trees. Al's Tree And

Northstar Building

Gallery Description Headquartered in Gaylordsville, CT 06776 NorthStar Building—Master Builders For Hire. Quality. Integrity. Craftsmanship. NorthStar Building has a long-existing track record of perfecting homes from start to finish. As a one-house vendor for every facet of construction and building, we serve our clients both by rendering a variety of services in-house and by overseeing

Zendo Jujitsu

Gallery Description 80 Park Lane Road New Milford, CT 06776 We Empower People with Traditional Martial Arts Weekly classes for all ages specializing in Ju Jitsu Martial arts Fitness, strength, flexibility and self defense. At Zen Do Jujitsu our focus is on passing down authentic and high quality martial arts training. Get off your couch

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What Is the Colony.


s New Milford natives, we enjoy the rich wilderness we live in, nearly every home and estate in the region appear to be carved into the land—allow just one season untamed, and you’ll find your land growing rapidly into forest.

Our select condo villages are in key locations and have rapid in and out access to every part of the land.

Our commercial district is bustling with action with a jewel at the end of the rope that we simply call “Downtown New Milford “.

The colony is about a mindset we must strive for, one that’s about coming together—with the spirit to build something better and the vision to see it grow and thrive.

New Milford Economy.


ur commercial district runs from the edge of Interstate 84, all the way to the split to Sherman and Northern New York state. Every so often, you’ll find a farm or farm stand, and then land mark bridges and brick buildings. Our recently rebuilt High School is a standing testament to the value we place on education of our younglings.
With a weather observatory, scenic expansive views from any window as well as neatly groomed track and field. It’s open to public use and well recommended to stay in shape and leverage the towns great resources.

The New Milford Green.


ur town green runs like a river of green down the center of our historic downtown New Milford. Sidewalks and old grow trees are the key to its charm, along with a trip to River and Rail Cafe. Wander the stores or grab a bite to eat, we’re blessed by many fine dining establishments around every corner of the busy strips.

Our historic downtown green, is well known for its covered band stand and open grassy lawns. The perfect spot to people watch or rest from a daily walk.

Local Government.


unning a city is not as easy as you’d think. With lots of moving parts and thousands of families to juggle and appeal to, it’s no small feat to keep it all running smooth.

2019 Annual Report.

2020 Mayor’s Recommended Town Budget

Education Spotlight.


rom brick & mortar to virtual ( masked and unmasked ) the educational practices as a town are still active and thriving. The public schools of New Milford are rising to the professional standards of in-school cohort and virtual learning platforms despite being ruthlessly served overarching draconian lockdown protocols  from the governor’s desk (back in March 2020).

Despite no precedent for this level of distance based learning, the school system gracefully began leveraging google classroom and a hybrid of methods for engagement with students. It is a true story, that the teachers and BOE admins of our town are absolute hero’s.

Now it falls onto the parents to stand up and demand their Children Tune In, Turn on, instead of drop out.
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Luxury Homes Builder.

[ NorthStar Building—Master Builders For Hire. ]


orthStar Building has a long-existing track record of perfecting homes from start to finish. As a one-house vendor for every facet of construction and building, we serve our clients both by rendering a variety of services in-house and by overseeing specialty work performed by our talented network of trusted and longstanding professionals No job is too big or too small for us—nor are any of its components. As our client, this means you’ll be well taken care of from day one through the day we hand over your keys.

Offering Complimentary Site Visits and Estimations.
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Did we miss something amazing you know about? Contact us to share it with us.

Did we miss something amazing you know about? Contact us to share it with us.

Lose Your Broker.

[ Finance Contributor – Dan Calandro ]


iming is one of the things that scares people away from taking control over their investment capital. The question of when to act – to buy, sell, or hold – paralyzes many because they don’t have guidelines that make action easy.

My method, for instance, takes the guesswork out of decision making by inserting triggers like the one highlighted in ACTION POINT APPROACHING back in November ‘19. That blog demonstrates my market-based approach to using asset allocations driven by market activity – not gut instinct or speculation – to make investment decisions.
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Online Order & Curbside Liquor Pick Up?

[ Litchfield Distillery ]


t’s true, now you can have your favorite spirits ready to go. The curbside service at Litchfield Distillery is the perfect solution to limited in store guests. Learn more on their website.

Early farmers of Northwest Connecticut, a region that became known for its ample yield of wheat, corn and barley. Coaxing these crops from the rocky terrain took a certain type of grit and determination. Today, we take the best our local farmers have to offer and distill fine craft spirits, one batch at a time. They do the growing. We do the batching. And you get a little share in this luscious little section of Connecticut called Litchfield County. Come taste The Spirit of Hard Work®.

Seasonal Spotlight.

S pring is here in New Milford! What a charming time of year. With our scenic views of the Housatonic River on Grove Street, to the farm pastures scattered through out our back country, you’ll find lots to look forward to as the weather gets warmer.  Driving around the region for fun has become a pastime, and it’s something we locals have come to enjoy. Take your time strolling around and remember some of the key places we have that are seasonal. Take a turn off any back road and just look around.

The farm stands and farmers market are taking CSA members for next season. The elephants trunk flea market will soon be open for the season, which marks the beginning of some of the best outdoor activities in town. Look for scenic drives and a quick coffee to go as a great way to safely “get out of the house”.

About The Publisher

New Milford Colony™ is powered by the creative team at DiGuiseppi Studios.  We are seekers of ingenuity who spark forth with yearning to grow in wisdom and success in every endeavors.

What is it?

A “Colony” for all things amazing in our corner of the land we live.
For us, the colony concept is a chance to build something new, with total freedom, passion for greatness, and love for the fellow human.


There is something wonderfully nostalgic about a time when any new land is newly colonized. From your tearing up your first home garden to the days of settlers arriving to form a new civilization.
We are boldly patriotic about New Milford, New England, America and the rich vibrant culture that thrives in this land we love.

New Milford CT Demographics:

Residents – 28k
Median Age – 45 yrs old
Median Household Income – $87k
Households – 10k ( 2.6 people)
Owner Occupied Housing – 12k
Median Home Value – $290k
Foreign Born Population – 10%

New Milford, CT has so many great places to explore. Here are the hidden Gems:

New Milford is a perfect town to raise a family, walk the city center green, get ice cream and or watch the sun set in our down town parks. We have lots of woods and farm land with a footprint that spans 61.6 miles. In the Summer’s the Down Town New Milford Farmer’s Market and CSA programs in the region are booming with fresh local vegetables and fruits.

“New Milford Colony” is a Luxury Web Publication powered by the creative team @ DiGuiseppi Studios

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