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Southbury, CT 06488

Al’s Tree And Shrub Care—Professional Arborist. Expert Plant Care. State-Of-The-Art Horticultural Services.

Specialized in Professional Tree and Shrub care with a focus on customer education. We work with property owners to develop a strategic plan to care for all of their plantings and ornamental trees. Al’s Tree And Shrub Care is focused on keeping your plants healthy, beautiful, and most of all safe. Preserving and maintaining plants in your landscape as opposed to removing them is our primary goal.

We take pride in providing clients with answers and solutions so they can rest easy knowing their plantings are cared for.

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Quality horticulture that keeps plants strong and vibrant while educating homeowners
  • Soil fertilization to increase the health and vigor of the nearby plantings
  • Insect and disease management to improve the health of your landscape
  • Root flair injections to maintain control for insect and disease issues
  • Maintaining landscapes from invasive weeds
  • Proper ornamental pruning
  • Tree preservation and removal consultation—to ensuring that the tree can continue to thrive
  • Preserving land with soil invigoration and aeration methods
  • Tree and shrub root collar excavations to preserve a trees root system

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