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The Arrival of Springtime in Litchfield County

The springtime season in Litchfield County gives you a visual reason to get up in the morning. Every tree in the landscape, and we’ve got more trees than people, is reaching for the extra sunlight. It’s a real treasure to see the landscape wake up, but at the same time, still be able to view deep into the exposed woodlands. We have farmers walls that grid the terrain in just about every neighborhood, a real treasure if you live by one. These weeks before the land fully wakes up are magical, theres something about flowering trees that keeps hearts open with a promise of the warm days ahead.

Homestead in the Hills.
By this time, late April, the spring deliveries of baby chickens have totally sold out. It’s remarkable to watch the homestead culture in New Milford still alive and well. Each of the vendors in town, Agway, and Tractor Supply both sold out of all their birds with in a day of receiving them. Every delivery went as fast as they came in. If you check the New Milford Strong facebook town group, you’ll find real residents and possibly other like minded farm enthusiasts.

Our town boasts a several horticultural organizations with fruits that show themselves at the weekly farmers market on the green. Theres a garden club and then a healthy bundle of regional farmers who showcase their skills at cultivating the land. Expect nutritious and locally grown organic produce and local berries. As well as local cut flowers and some weeks even some pastry vendors.

Pot Holes.
You know the bain of living in the rural farm country of Connecticut is that there is lots of back roads, and in spring, they are just destroyed by pot holes. Don’t hate your neighbor or town as they deal seasonally with these ground changes and the remnants of plow truck activity from just a month ago.
New Milford has a great Parks and Rec and Dedicated Public Works Road Maintenance Teams that keep the roads in really great shape. You’ll see them drive by or park in your area in their red trucks and always polite drivers that give us a wave. We apparently have a pot hold machine in the barracks of the town garage.
It’s best to assume that potholes in the spring are like the letters in the mail. Expect them to keep coming and just be patient while they’re handled. Neighborly tip: Keep in mind that if you love your vehicle this time of year, drive it slower, and keep an eye on the ground a little extra. It will save you a flat tire and save the shocks of your car in the long run.

New Milford Colony AdminThe Arrival of Springtime in Litchfield County

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