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Waking Up To Summer in Litchfield County

The summers in Litchfield County are a reason to get up in the morning. From feeding the backyard chickens, to weeding, watering and preparing the family garden patch give community minded locals a reason to step outside. As the warmer weather slides into the New Milford Valley area, the streets are raging with colorful tree blossoms and yards that are waking up and getting shaped up. Many home owners in this town thrive in their yards and bring the country living new meaning.

If you’re new the region, check out the local Agway on Housatonic ave for the best odds and ends, chicken feed, seeds, tools, and agricultural products. If you’re looking for just the right plants, you’d be well served to visit Fieldstone nursery, Scotts Nursery, Cosmos, or even home depot. Residents are adequately served with a bounty of locations to help spruce up their landscapes, and plant additional roots… pun intended.

We recently picked up a few yards of Agri-mulch from the crew at Advanced Organics. The stuff smells so great, is rich with structured carbon and will surely boost all our garden and flower beds for the rest of the growing season and beyond.

If you’re looking for tree removal, or tree processing, we’re big fans of Western CT Tree, a team that is both knowledgable, and technical, and will treat you with a personalized touch. Smaller vendors tend to have more flexibility, very good quality and fair value price points.

For the best tour of the town in this warmer weather, grab a coffee and try doing the big lap around the downtown, from the riverwalk all the way up past the senior center, with a loop around the green and railroad street. Kids and families looking for the most open space and amenities should throw a frisbee or fly a kite at Young’s field park. A local favorite, complete with tennis courts, a skate park, swings, a pavilion, basket ball courts, base ball diamonds, and a number of picnic benches for relaxing while the kids run wild. Keep your cool this summer, go downtown and take a stroll. Snap some photo memories and invite your friends.

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