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A Marketing Lesson from Breaking Bad.

[ Author: Andrew DiGuiseppi–Creative Director @DStudios ]

When it comes to making your own product, it’s a good idea to consider a few things.


and foremost, your product must be of great quality.

No one is going to fall out of their chair for a subpar, half-crafted, partially gelatinized non-dairy gum-based beverage.
Make sure you source the finest quality whatever to go into your product. Or maybe your product is non-tangible, digital bites that may only be enjoyed from a glow box. This is the same thing—great graphics are ridiculously important. When was the last time your said “Wow” about a beautiful photograph of a pristine landscape? Did you have the same reaction when you saw a Trump-Hillary face swap? Please no.

Quality matters, no matter the medium. Just as frequent collaborator Matt Siegel, who wrote as much in his article published in Fast Company. (Top Freelance Writer Matt Siegel Media)

“How’d they expect to produce an enantiomerically pure batch if they
couldn’t tell whether catalytic hydrogenation was protic or aprotic?
What if they forget to add the aluminum?

You can’t usurp a television high school teacher-turned meth cook, it turns out, if you don’t understand the science behind his synthesis; and you can’t usurp a brand’s marketing success if you don’t understand the strategy behind it. Don’t believe me? Go watch the scene with the box cutter (season four, episode one).”

This may not be a joyful parallel for some, but you get the point and it works great with our graphic. What I’m saying is that you must must must consider quality of product.



Branding that product with a great logo, or great name, is so important. It should be a thoughtful name, with a clever little symbol to go with it. This is how it’s done. Know that it will always be hard to convince others of your great quality without considering the name and the package, wrapper, or visual interface. I tell people this all the time: Look closely at what your competition does, know where you stand, and what to aim at. Pick someone who is doing what you want to be doing, and take notes! The only limit in your “Blue Sky” will be how many people you can tell about it.


We do not endorse any one particular brand of anything, except our own. That said, this article in no way reflects our opinions about ingesting poisonous substances. We are against it. For the use of this article, we like to think that we stand along with the TV show makers, who simply enjoy telling stories about very dramatic and totally improbable situations that are enjoyable to illustrate.

So if you’re saying to yourself, “I totally have a great product, but I do not have great branding,” we can help. But don’t take our word for it. Go explore the visuals in our brand portfolio to see some examples of past work.

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